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the broken sprocket


We just love food, drinks, & music!

The Broken Sprocket’s journey began in April of 2016 in Texas hill country. One chilly night in Austin,
Texas, the seed was planted at the Moon Tower. Tony Estrada was with his niece, listening to live Rock
and Roll. He had an epiphany, and he told his niece; "this is it; this is what I want to do" 

After visiting several food truck parks with a colleague, Tony decided to take two concepts and fuse
them into one; a food truck park and a bar with live music. As time moved on, business got tough as the
2020 Covid-19 Pandemic struck. With an abrupt halt, all businesses were mandatorily shut down. 

It was at this time, Tony made the bold move towards youth and brought on a new partner! A young
entrepreneur by the name of Christian Zanca. With Christian’s enthusiastic ideas, The Broken Sprocket
has burst back on the RGV scene with excitement! Christian and Tony made many changes to the
business! They aim to make The Broken Sprocket a living monument to the legends of the Rio Grande
Valley’s past, present and future. Come check out our fantastic memorial to honor some of RGV greats!
Giving businesses, musicians, and athletes a platform from which they can launch themselves is what
they strive for! They believe that together, we are all stronger! One for all and all for one.

The Broken Sprocket is where great music, incredible food, and wonderful customers share their best
Beatles impressions and mingle under the Texas stars to create a fusion of good times and great music
for the whole family to enjoy. Oh, and did we mention we’ve got a dog park?


The Owners

The people who make the dream a reality


Christian Zanca



Tony Estrada


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